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TradeCard is a supply chain collaboration platform that connects buyers, sellers and service providers in a hosted software network. Customers automate transactions from purchase order to payment and chargebacks and benefit from online financial services integrated into the workflow. Automated transaction management enables buyers and sellers to improve margins and cash flow while gaining supply chain visibility. TradeCard’s global support team ensures customers are up and running.



Companies such as O’Neill, Under Armour, Cortefiel, and Columbia Sportswear use TradeCard to automate all supply chain processes from order through settlement. TradeCard customers get substantial savings in multiple ways: efficiency savings by eliminating paper and automating processes, working capital savings by extending terms with vendors, cost of goods savings through early payment discount programs, and bank line savings by eliminating letters of credit.


The Network:

TradeCard is a network of 4,000 companies and 30,000 individual users in 50+ countries delivered on a software-as-a-service platform. There are no large up-front costs and a global support team enables rapid deployment within 90 days.



TradeCard is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Brussels, Taipei, Seoul, Colombo, and Shenzhen.


Success Stories:


Brooks Sports http://www.tradecard.com/languages/EN/documents/brooksCaseStudy.pdf

TAL Apparel http://www.tradecard.com/languages/EN/documents/talCaseStudy.pdf






TradeCard in 90 Seconds: www.tradecard.com/90seconds


TradeCard Customer Achieve Results:

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