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Green Textile

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Green Textile is a premier manufacturer of circular and warp knitted fabrics with over a half century of proven success in meeting client expectations for quality, service, and innovation in fabric manufacturing.

~Our History~  Green Textile was founded in 1938 by Sydney Russell Green. Since its inception, Green Textile has remained a family owned and operated business. Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, Green Textile continues to grow and expand its business through the efforts of its dedicated staff and loyal customer base.
~Our Future~  Green Textile will continue its success by maintaining its focus on the continual improvement of its products and its people. By doing so, we will meet client expectations for quality, service, and innovation in the manufacturing and supplying of fabrics.
~Our Philosophy~  Our philosophy is simple; we are grateful for our business, and we want to express our gratitude by demonstrating an ethic of service and care for our clients and our personnel. It is our belief that striving to implement these characteristics in all our business endeavors is the best way to ensure our continued profitability and success.


~Apparel~  Green Textile has been actively involved in the apparel market since its corporate inception in 1938. We produce a wide range of fabrics which are being used in infant wear, children’s wear, athletic apparel, active wear, work wear, career apparel, and uniforms. Within these categories we have a full array of single knit and double knit machines to produce all industry standard fabrics. We also have electronic, step-jack, and mini-jack machines, which allow us to produce a breadth of novelty fabrics. Furthermore, we have the expertise and willingness to work with all commodity, specialty, and novelty yarns.

~Home Textiles~  Green Textile produces a full line of knitted mattress ticking fabrics. We produce sherpa, velour, and terry mattress ticking knits from a variety of fibers, and at a variety of weights. We utilize standard, jacquard, and full electronic knitting equipment for producing these types of fabrics. We also produce specialty knits which are being used in niche areas of the furniture, bedding, and pillow markets. 
~Industrial Textiles~  One of Green Textile’s core competencies is the production of polyester and nylon fabrics for industrial applications. For industrial markets we produce a wide variety of circular and warp knitted fabrics. With our own “in-house” physical testing laboratory, Green Textile is well equipped to certify and test our fabrics for a wide array of industrial specifications. We also have the experience to assist in the development of fabrics to meet the requirements of most industrial applications.
~Medical~  Over the last decade, Green Textile has enjoyed substantial growth as a preferred supplier of medical fabrics. We have a full line of coated urethane fabrics, as well as non-coated fabrics, which have been used in a variety of applications within the medical and home-healthcare markets. Whether your application is medical seating, mattresses or orthotics, we can be a valuable asset in your supply chain.


~Organic Cotton~   Green Textile is a worldwide leader in the production of certified organic cotton fabrics. We have one of the largest “in-stock” lines of organic cotton knits. In addition, we produce many custom organic cotton fabrics. As one of the oldest producers of organic cotton knits, you can be assured that our production of organic cotton knits is not a fad, but a commitment and responsibility.
~Sustainable Textiles~   In addition to organic cotton fabrics, Green Textile produces fabrics from other sustainable fibers such as: organic cotton blends, bamboo, seaweed, soybean, and recycled polyester. Therefore, as your markets diversify within the growing “green” market, you can rest assured that Green Textile has the experience to support and assist you.



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