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Graphical T-Shirts

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Atlantic Apparel - https://drapparel.pbwiki.com/Atlantic-Manufacturing

Juan Diaz - jdiaz.atlantic@codetel.net.do


Grupo M - http://www.grupom.com.do/

Joseph Blumberg -  jblumberg@grupom.com.do

Fernando Capellan - fcapellan@grupom.com.do


Vertical Textiles:

Jorge Camaraza Jr. - jorge@verticaltextiles.com


Union Textile Internationalhttp://www.ut.com.do/profile.html

Steve Beder - steve.beder@ut.com.do

Pedro Garcia - pedro.garcia@ut.com.do


El Salvador:

Grupo Merlet - http://www.imerlet.com/Merlet_Site/default.htm

Humberto Zacapa - humberto.zacapa@imerlet.com

JC Velazquez - jc.velazquez@imerlet.com

Freddie Frech - freddie@imerlet.com



Patmos Inc:

Alejandro Ceballos - alejandro.ceballos@polar.com.gt

John Peden - jcpeden@patmosinc.com



Globe-Tex - http://www.globe-tex.com/

Robert Hurvitz - robert@globe-tex.com 

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