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Global Innovative Strategies

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Global Innovative Strategies

Brad Beal, President


Oak Island, NC 28465

Phone – 262.960.3938


Brad Beal, a seasoned executive, most recently with Jockey but also a cross section of the industry, joined the AAPN with his own company. Brad’s work at Jockey was high level global sourcing. Jockey is a unique company that does its own manufacturing, outsourcing and retail store operations. They make under their own brand and a number of private label brands you would not believe. This puts them in relationships with the largest retailers in the US and, in turn, gives Brad a unique, across-the-supply-chain perspective on the process.


Brad has personal experience with textile production, apparel manufacturing and sourcing, retail expectations, globalization, collaboration, computerization and much more. Consider Brad for any and all consulting including operational excellence, product development, quality control, process improvement and the most important – a critical direct evaluation of your company.


Brad Beal was invited to speak at the Global Textile Industry Value Chain meeting in Taipei, October 17, 2008. A summary of the International Seminar is attached. Global Textile Industry Value Chain.pdf

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