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From AAPN:

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September 29, 2008


Ahhh, the human factor ...


AAPN received the following email last week ...


I experienced first-hand one of the many the benefits of AAPN membership today.  I knew there were companies manufacturing diapers (yes, spandex is used in diapers and adult incontinent products for that matter!) in Central America but did not have contacts.  So, I emailed Don Hire of Crowley because I know his company has a huge presence there.  Through his offices in Central America, he provided me with a contact.  Perfect!  Absolutely priceless!  Thank you for creating this information network!


Kim Henley Hall 

Marketing Manager , RadiciSpandex Corp


Even when taking into account the power of money and the marvels of technology; when all is said and done it always comes back to people, doesn’t it?

When Warren Buffet, the world’s richest human being, was interviewed recently by Parade magazine and asked what constituted happiness, he replied that for him happiness was not found in the accumulation of vast sums of money or power but rather to have “lived life knowing that you are loved by those who matter to you.” From any other person such an observation might sound banal, but Buffet’s comment rang true.


Clearly, as we witness the meltdown of the capital markets of the world’s wealthiest nation we cannot help but be reminded of the limits of material wealth. And as overwhelming as our nation’s military power is, Bob Woodward’s most recent book reveals that the key to our success in Iraq is found in the network of human connections our intelligence services have woven within Iraqi society—not in any wiz-bang technology or our overwhelming armed forces per se.


So it appeared in The Power of Partnership, the keys to success in association-driven partnerships were found in the “soft” factors—the human relationships that were strategically woven together—as opposed to the size and muscle power of any one entity.





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