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CEVA - One Company One Team

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About CEVA 
CEVA Logistics is recognized by its customers for superior supply chain management processes that make their business flow.  With a strong commitment to the success of our customers, CEVA focuses on a diverse range of market sectors including automotive & tires, technology, industrial, retail & consumer goods, health care, publishing, aerospace and oil & gas.


We offer our customers increased efficiency and reduced transit times, thanks to our ongoing focus on operations excellence and the visibility and control that we create in the supply chain. As a leading global logistics company, we provide end-to-end design, implementation and operation of logistics solutions in contract logistics, freight forwarding, distribution management and transportation management for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies.

CEVA combines the heritage of two great companies, TNT Logistics and EGL Eagle Global Logistics, which merged in August 2007. We employ more than 54,000 people and our extensive global network comprises more than 1,000 locations, with 8.6 million square meters in over 100 countries. For fiscal year 2007, CEVA reported combined proforma revenue of € 6.3 billion. CEVA is a non-listed company owned by affiliates of Apollo Management, L.P., one of the leading private equity investors in the world. CEVA’s CEO is John Pattullo.
Unlike any other logistics provider, CEVA knows through its 100+ years of experience in the Retail and Consumer sector that there is always room for improvement. CEVA recognizes that there is a need for continuous improvement in order to match the ever-increasing dynamics of the sector. Logistics operations have to keep pace with the supply chain demands by adding value, flexibility and velocity.
This sound, proactive attitude reflects not only in the extensive range of specialized Retail and Consumer logistics services CEVA offers, but in the way it renders those services, surpassing the customer’s expectations and continuously looking for improved solutions.
CEVA is always in the pursuit of excellence.
Sectors and Services
Combining the accumulated expertise of decades, CEVA offers highly specialized services and solutions to all major sub-divisions in the Retail and Consumer market:
• Retail
• Food & Beverages
• Household & Personal care
• Office, Home & Leisure
• Fashion
Lead Logistics Services
From Network Design and Materials Management to Trading Partner Compliance, Custom Duties Consulting and Regulatory & Quality Compliance, CEVA’s LEAD Logistics Services are carefully tuned to make your business’ logistics framework and environment as flexible and agile as your circumstances demand.
Freight Services
With a network spanning the globe, CEVA’s Freight Services ensure a safe, efficient and on-schedule delivery of product anywhere in the world. Services included are Freight Management, Multi-Modal Transportation, Origin Consolidation, Vendor Compliance Programs, Customs and Duty Management, Specialist Handling and Packing, Purchase Order Management and Visibility, Quality Inspections, Sampling Programs, Web-based Event and Milestone Tracking & Reporting and more.
Warehousing Services
CEVA offers a complete range of warehousing services, either standalone or as standardized Smart Solutions which incorporate CEVA’s proven best practices and know-how in adaptable, sector-specialized service sets. An integral part of our Warehousing Services is LEAN: CEVA’s successful continuous improvement program which delivers better efficiency to its operations and empowers employees to constantly seek new ways to eliminate waste and improve process.
Retail and Consumer is a volatile sector. Consumers are unpredictable and relentless when their demands are not met. One ‘out of stock’ incident can severely damage brand loyalty. No company in the sector can therefore sustain itself without a smoothly run logistics operation, flexible and responsive to whatever the market demands. No logistics company understands that better than CEVA.
Flexibility: whatever logistics services are required, CEVA is committed to deliver solutions that exceed those requirements.
Innovation: CEVA stands in the frontline of innovation, not just by embracing new technologies and ideas, but by actively pursuing them.
Global visibility: Simply put, CEVA is recognized as one of the largest logistics providers in the world and leading in the pursuit of excellence; Delivering solutions that satisfy both the immediate customer and also bringing value to its customers’ clients.
Transport Services
In addition to applying Route Optimization and Pool Distribution in the best transportation networks locally available for the physical transportation of goods, CEVA specializes in the surrounding services that realize maximum results against minimum cost. Its C3 (Collaborative Consolidation Center) solutions set for example delivers optimal efficiency for small and medium sized retailers. Naturally, CEVA handles all other related services as well, from Insurance and Truck Brokerage to Carrier Training and Claims Management.
The CEVA value
CEVA customers enjoy more than the experience and specialized know-how of the two great companies that became CEVA: TNT Logistics and EGL Eagle Global Logistics. They employ the energy and talent of CEVA’s 52,000 employees worldwide committed to their success. A commitment they find throughout the organization and the values it stands for:
Operations excellence: CEVA’s ongoing mission is not to just be the best at what it does today, but to be even better tomorrow.
End-to-end logistics solutions: CEVA’s range of services satisfies all possible logistics challenges facing companies in the Retail and Consumer market.
Global scale and coverage: over 1,000 CEVA offices, in more than 100 countries around the world, are well positioned to satisfy all global logistics requirements.
Making Business Flow
As a leading global logistics company, CEVA provides end-to-end design, implementation and operation of logistics solutions in contract logistics, freight
forwarding, distribution management and transportation management for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies.
CEVA combines the heritage of two great companies, TNT Logistics and EGL, which merged in August 2007. We employ more than 52,000 people and operate
an extensive global network with facilities in over 100 countries worldwide. We manage 614 warehouses around the globe summing a combined space
of approximately 8.6 million square meters.
Mabel Rivera


Corporate Account Executive   CEVA Logistics Making Business Flow  CEVA Freight Management 5601 NW 72nd Ave Miami, FL  33166 USA   Tel: +01 (305) 863-2545 (Direct) Tel: +01 (305) 863-2400 (Main telephone) Fax: (305) 863-2417 Cellular: (305) 218-8841 Mabel.Rivera@cevalogistics.com www.cevalogistics.com


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