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(for more information about AAPN please go to their website at www.aapnetwork.net)



apparelpedia works in strange ways. The 'Search wiki' button above right is so powerful that any word mentioned in any article makes that article come up when keyed in. SO, we have cut and pasted definitions used on our membership application, which we think contains most words in our industry, below. When you get to this page, if what you want is to find a company that provides these services, does these things, makes these garments or delivers these supplies, go directly to our AAPN sourcing database by clicking this link.... We created this database in 1994, by working with many of the leading sourcing and production executives in the industry. This is the information they wanted and we continue offering it to you.....the only organization in the industry to do this, and since 1994.


CMT Factory (Cuts, sews and trims)

Full Package Factory (Capable of sourcing and financing piece goods and trim and providing all design, production, finishing and packaging for the retail outlet.


Brand/Retailer (Sources or makes own brand or private label brand)

Broker/Agent (Sources on behalf of their client, owns no production facilities)

Producer (Fiber, Yarn, Fabric, Finishing, Trim, Embellishment, Equipment, Etc)

Supplier (Technology, Transportation, Finance, Logistics, Distribution, Etc)

Industry (University, government, trade shows, press, associations, industry centers, lobbyists, agencies, free zones)

Equipment & Supplies    Fabric & Yarn    Technology  Attachments    Dyeing & Finishing    B2B Commerce  Bagging & Packing    Fabric    Bar Coding

Cutting Equipment & Supplies    Fabric Printing    Color Services & Technology  Embroidery Supplies    Fiber    Computer Systems/Software

Embroidery Equipment    Non-Wovens    Electronic Data Interchange  Ergonomic Equipment    Yarn    CAD/PDM Technology

Fusing    Yarn Spinner    Collaborative Technology  Machine Repair       Needles    Services    Trim, Thread, Findings  Pattern Marking/Marker supplies    Branding/Marketing    Bindings & Draw-cords  Pressing Equipment/Supplies    Consultants    Buttons  Sewing Machines & Motors    Customs Services    Closures & Fasteners  Spreading Equipment & Supplies    Distribution/Warehouse/Replenish    Elastic  Tickets/Coupons    Executive Search    Hangtags  Unit Production Systems    Financing/Factoring    Heat Transfer Printing  Free Zones & Industrial Parks    Interlinings  Embellishment    Fulfillment, Pick/Pack, Replenishment    Labels  Appliqués    Legal    Linings  Embroidery    Ocean Transportation    Ribbons  Embroidered Patches    Shipping    Thread  Emblems    Testing    Trim

Screen-printing    Wholesaler/Closeouts    Webbing  Sublimation        Zippers  Transfers       


FLEXIBILITY: Do you do quick turn short runs? ___        What are your minimums?  ¬___

What are your turn times? __________________       What are your lead times? ____________

Do you make samples?  ____       Can you do quick pricing? ____

Do you take in contract work? ___ Total # trained operators _____ Total # sewing machines ____

Add in your own words other characteristics which differentiate you including lean manufacturing, unit production systems, EDI capabilities, WIP tracking, automated status tracking and other in-house services_________________________________________________________________



PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Do you have the following capabilities in-house?

Design ___    Pattern Making ____    Marker Making ____

Is it by hand or automated and by what technology ____________________________________


EMBELLISHMENT: Do you do any of the following in-house or by sub-contract?

Applique ___    Embroidery___    Screen-Printing ___    Embossing ___    Sublimation ____

Hand Decoration ___    Fancy Stitching ___


FABRICS: Bonded___     Canvas___    Denim ___    Felts___     Circular K¬nits___

Warp Knits___     Wovens___     Leather___     Silk___        Plastics___     Metallics___ Spandex/Lycra___     Microfiber___     Gore-Tex___    Polar Fleece___

Performance Fabric ___    Other_________________________________________________


TRIM CAPABILITY: Comment here on any advantages you enjoy with your supply chain partners such as on-site manufacturing, on-site inventory, internet collaboration, short lead times, and any other advantage________________________________________________________



CERTIFICATION: WRAP Certified___    If Yes, Certification #__________ Date issued_______

ISO 9000 Certified ___

Quality Control Used_________________________________________________________

List any retail, compliance or other certifications of quality or compliance: _________________

_____________________________________________________________________________Ownership: Are you a minority or woman-owned business? ____________



Do you inventory finished goods? _______    Do you ship floor-ready goods? ________

Do you ship direct to stores? _________    Do you own your own warehouses? _______

Where are they? _____________________________________________   



Where is your main office? _____________ Where are your factories? _____________________



Men’s/Boys’     WOMEN’S/GIRLS’        Home Furnishings  Draperies  Suits/Outerwear    Underwear    Suits/Outerwear    Dress/Uniform    Bedspreads/comforter  Suits    Woven Bo¬xers     Suits    Medical    Pillows Blazers    Knit Boxers    Blazers    Nurses    Tablecloths, placemats Topcoats    Knit Briefs    Jackets    Dresses      Jackets    T-Shirts    Vests    Special Occasion    Sport Coats    Long Johns    Topcoats    Half-sizes    Sheets  Award Jackets    Night Shirts    Military    Maternity    Vests    Socks    Robes    House Dresses    Military    Robes    Rainwear        Slipcovers

Tailored    Loungewear    Snowsuits    Lingerie    Blankets   Rainwear    Neck Ties    All Weather Coats    Bras    Snowsuits    Pajamas    Sweaters    Girdles    Towels  All Weather        Fleece Jogging Suits    Slips/Camisoles    Robes    Activewear    Tailored    Gowns    Jogging Suits    Activewear       Robes/Lounge    Industrial Sewing Sweaters        Knit Tops    Panties    Tents  ATHLETICWEAR    T-Shirts    Awnings  Knit Shirts    Shorts    Fleece    Infants/Children    T-Shirts    Uniforms    Placket        Miscellaneous  Fleece    Tops    Fashion    Tops    Belts  Placket    Pants    Tennis    Knit    Wallets Fashion    Jackets        Woven    Dress gloves Tennis            Fleece    Ski gloves   Swimwear    WOVEN TOPS        Work gloves

Woven Shirts    Woven    Sport Shirts    Bottoms    Mittens  Sport    Knit/Spandex    Dress Shirts    Knit    Scarves

Dress        Western    Woven    Hats  Western        Dress Blouses    Denim    Caps  Work        Fleece    Suspenders  Pants/Skirts        Legwarmers

Trousers        Dress Slacks    Sleepwear    Handbags  Dress        Casual Pants    Pajamas    Costumes  casual        Fashion Jeans    Nighshirts    Fire fighting  Military        Shorts   Industrial  vests  Shorts        Fleece Pants    Underwear    Wiping cloths  Fleece        Knit Pants    Knit briefs/panties    Tote bags  Jeans        Maternity    T-Shirts    Footwear      Dress Skirts    Training Pants    Hair accessories  Workwear        Casual Skirts    Diapers    Soft luggage jackets        Denim Skirts        Band uniforms Coveralls        Knit Skirts    Other    School uniforms

Jumpsuits        Military Pants    Dresses    Denim Ov¬er¬alls        Military Skirts    Layettes    Ind. Un¬iforms        Jumpsiots    Outerwear   

Medical                Camouflage        Activewear    Hosiery    Jeans         Activewear    Nylons    Fatigues            Pantyhose    Caps        Swimwear    Anklets    Aprons        Woven    Men’s hosiery    Disposables        Knit/Spandex    Socks Maternity    Specialty socks     Hospitalwear    Patient Gowns    OR Drapes     Scrub Tops     Scrub Bottoms   





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