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American Cotton Growers

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(for more information about AAPN please go to their website at www.aapnetwork.net)





SAFE Denim by American Cotton Growers












American Cotton Growers

P.O. Box 430

Littlefield, TX  79339




In business more than 30 years, American Cotton Growers (ACG), the Textile Division of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), is focused on the development and production of value-added, high-fashion denim fabrics for its customers, including many of the world's most recognized apparel companies and retail outlets.


PCCA's strong financial statement has enabled ACG to continually invest in the most modern textile equipment. Consequently, ACG's state-of-the-art denim manufacturing process can produce 38 million linear yards of denim annually in a variety of styles, shades and weights to meet the needs of each individual customer. In addition to creating its own product line, ACG's product development staff collaborates with customers to develop styles that fit current trends.


Located in Texas, ACG is in close proximity to the U.S./Mexico border and major ports that serve the Caribbean and Latin America. This unique location enables ACG to reduce transit time and transportation costs for denim shipped to cutting and sewing operations throughout the region.


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ACG's latest initiative, SAFE Denim, opens its product line up to small boutique manufacturers through an online store that highlights their denim as Sustainable, American, and Friendly to the Environment.  Manufacturers can order a number of different styles and shades in small quantities, confident that their orders will be shipped within two business days.

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